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Thursday, December 13, 2012


The VIKINGS were in Wynland (pronounced "Vinland") because the start of the waterway linking the Red River to the Mississippi River was there.  The route had been developed during the copper trading era, 2,200-1,200 BC.

The copper trade to the Mediterranean ended when the Mediterranean was devastated by a catastrophe about 1,200 BC.  The Baltic sea bronze age continued for several more centuries.

After the VIKINGS became Christians in America, about 1,000 AD, they called themselves “LENAPE,” meaning to “abide with the pure.”

At the start of the Little Ice age, the Lenape of Greenland WALKED to Wynland. Scandinavian had come to help the Lenape migrate to the “fine” land.  

Both the Scandinavians and Greenland Lenape thought every thing was going well for the migration of thousands of Lenape.  The Greenlander Lenape history tells of friendly relations in Wynland as Greenland Lenape settled among their kinfolks in a pleasing land.  

Then a shocking mass murder happened.  The shock was amplified because the mass murder occurred among Lenape in a pleasing land and because the ten mates dead were all Scandinavian.

Either of the two reports on the above right tells us that ten mates were beaten to death on the VIKING WATERWAY.

The mates were Scandinavian, not Lenape.  

WHEN this dreadful mass murder occurred. The path of the Lenape migration changed forever.  The Drottkvaett composer and the rune puncher recorded the event so future generations would remember.  Today, 660 years later, we do know that TEN MATES were beaten to death on the VIKING WATERWAY in 1362. 

What happened?
Who might have "done it?"   
Where did the mass murder of 1362 happen?
Why were the Lenape from Greenland migrating?  
When did you learn about this mass murder in your history class?
Where did the Lenape from Greenland and the Lenape in the "fine" land go?  

Did the murders happen in Big Cormorant Lake or Lake Lizzie?  Where was the Kensington Rune Stone punched?  
Was the rune stone moved?
What evidence shows that the KRS was upright for a long time?
Why was the rune stone found face down? 
Are there any objects “out of place” in the surrounding museums?
Why were most of the 14th Century relics found buried?
What evidence shows that the Immigrants were not responsible?   
Did the historians deliberately cover these murders up?

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