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Thursday, February 21, 2013


    We told the VIKING WATERWAY STORY to 43 TOURists on the bus.
          The VIKING WATERWAY still exists.  We are even more convinced, if that is possible, because the bus driver recognized a second more ancient man-made jetty and Mark Hilde led us to four mooring stones.  These events happened on an overcast morning with light drizzle.  The events all before lunch!  In the afternoon the Tourists saw and walked on the dikes of Alexandria Lake. 

The people on the bus have come the DTL LENAPE OMIGA COUNCIL.  The DTL council was the first group in North America, who recognized that Hjalmar Holand's  1928 sketch of the waterway between the Red River and the Mississippi River was valid.  The DTL council saw man-modified terrain along the waterway.
      They saw:
              Mooring stones
              Boat Ramps,
               Jetties (Ancient & Old) 
               Dikes (two)
               and Dams.

There are at least 26 people in the Detroit Lakes region that may be willing to tell the story.

They will have links to the Online information. They may have access to the Viking Waterway Booklet.
Other WATERWAY tours with a DTL guide may be made with any size group in any vehicle on any date.
SO give the Detroit Lakes Chamber of Commerce  your name, telephone number, email address, and address.
The DTL LENAPE COUNCIL will add you to the WATERWAY list.  The DTL Council will inform you of the next available Viking Waterway tour. 
     If you desire, the DTL  will try  to coordinate another tour at your connivence.

Plan ahead for summer family exeriece.  The Pelican River from Pelican Lake MN to Fergus Falls Mn is a man-modified river.
A family outing with canoes and kayak will be floaring on a river which was man-modified about 3,700 years ago.

Becker counthy Historical Society


International Director

VP Sons of Norway @ Dettroit Lakes






The LODGE on the LAKE


01 Karl Hoenke,
             Rossmoore CA
02 Myron,
        Martinez CA
03 Birdie Lou Paine,
             Martinez CA
04 Ancient American Magazine #1
05 Ancient American Magazine #2
06  Robin Mueller
      New Prague MN
07  Curtis Rislund
         Audubon MN
08  Mary Rislund
        Audubon MN
09 Hank Ludtke
       Frazee, MN
10  Karen Field               Madison WI
 11 Harry Field                Madison WI
 12 Audrey Savig            Audubon, MN
 13 Jim C Savig              Audubon, MN
 14 Bob Horner               Detroit Lakes, MN
 15 David Melgaard         Valley City, ND
 16 Mrs. David Melgaard Valley City, ND
 17 Roger Johnson            Detroit Lakes, MN
 18   Cleo Johnson            Detroit Lakes, MN
 19  Shirley Rislund          Detroit Lakes, MN 
 20  Durland Rislund         Detroit Lakes, MN
  21 Tia Jackson  1           Unknown                
  22 Tia Jackson 2           Unknown                  
  23 Karsten Melgarrd #1                       ND
  24 Karsten Melgaard #2                      ND
  25 Jay Hillsten #1          Riverdale IA 
  26 Jay Hillsten #2          Riverdale IA
  27  Tom Stolberg           Madison, WI
  28  Dan Stolberg            Madison, WI                                
  29   Becker Co. Museum #1                MN    
  30   Becker Co. Museum #2                MN     
  31   Uhaul #1
  32   Uhaul #2                                           
  33   Ruth Lang             Detroit Lakes MN
  34   Lavaun Childs       Detroit Lakes MN
  35   Bruce Ray             Fargo ND
  36   Linda Hanson        Fargo ND
  37   Cynthia Nielson    Cody, WY
  38   Martin Nielson     Cody, WY
  39   Al Abee                Cody, WY
  40   Sheila Abee          Cody, WY
  41   Vern Orcutt         Cody, WY
  42    Linda Orcutt       Cody, WY
  43    Howard Field       Madison WI
  44    Ardia Hegna         Detroit Lakes MN
  45    Donna Stehling     Madison WI
  46    William Stehling   Madison  WI
  47    Elizabeth Mathews (?)   Detroit Lakes MN
  48    Elizabeth Mathews 2     Detroit Lakes MN
  49   D.J. Guerrero       Fargo ND
  50   Candace Olson      Detroit Lakes MN
  51   Mark Hilde           Audubon MN
  52   Mary Hilde           Audubon MN
  53   Kathy Tate            St. Paul (?) MN
  54   Joseph Priebe       Rochester MN
  55   Michael Fields       Rochester MN
  56   Robert Hoover      Detroit Lakes MN
  57   Dorothy Hoover    Detroit Lakes MN

TOURists, who plan to fly into Fargo (High Ground) airport on Friday, September 27, 2013 should plan to take a rental car to Detroit Lakes, MN, on US 10E, 54 miles.  Please make your own reservations for a motel. [See Detroit Lakes Chamber of Commerce site.] Those, who have made reservations to date, are planning to stay at the Best Western Lodge on the Lake.

We plan a CALUMET SAGA TID  (Meeting, story telling time) at the Lodge on the Lake Friday evening.  The agenda will depend on the attendance.  We regret that Carl Johannssen 's wife broke her hip, so he will not attend. He was planning to present a brief summary of his research.  [See the link.]  The Viking Visitors video. an Introduction, and Copper culture presentations will be available.  A projector and big screen will be available for pictures.
Another CALUMET SAGA TID is planned at the Lodge on the Lake for Saturday evening for those staying overnight.  Mark Hilde, who was the first mate on the Hjemkomest when it sailed from Duluth to Bergen, Norway will also talk about his adventure on a Viking ship.
As we prepared the information pamphlet for the TOUR we discovered a terrain feature that appears to be man-made.  The large terrain feature appears to be located at an unique place.  The terrain feature may have served an important function in the VIKING WATERWAY.
We have decided to let you experience the terrain feature in the context of the TOUR.  But we also would like the TOURists to evaluate the terrain feature.  We want to know what, if anything, we should do about the discovery.  So the TOURists will be evaluating this unique terrain feature.  Your judgment will be valuable to us.
For those TOURists, who will be using the FARGO airport or driving in, Maureen Jonason HCSCC <maureen.jonason@ci.moorhead.mn.us> invites you to visit 
The Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead.
     "All visitors who pay admission are welcomed to see the
      [Hjemkomst Long] ship, the 25-min. documentary about the
       building and sailing of the ship, and the Viking-era stave
       church replica as well as other exhibits in the museum.
       If you would like a guided tour for your group*, please make a
       reservation with our visitor services coordinator
       Markus Krueger.   If these are individuals who are coming on
       their own, then they need simply to pay admission."

       *Mark Hilde has volunteered to be the guide for the guided
        tour.   Right now the schedule is not firm.  The Hjemkomest
        center does not open until 12:00 Noon on Sunday.  If you
         would like a morning tour on Sunday, September 29, 2013,
         please inform Mark or I.  We may be able to arrange for
         Mark to give the tour in the morning.
The Viking Waterway tour launches at 8:00 on Saturday morning.  Most motels have continental breakfasts.  You should be able to eat breakfast before we launch.

Water, snacks, and lunch will be provided.
Updated  July 30, 2013
August 20, 2013

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