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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Holand collected thirteen (13) 14th century artifacts.   Ten of them are shown below.  He found similar artifacts in the museums of Norway.  These artifacts appear to be ignored by Social Scientists, who write textbooks for early American History.
The Halberts might have come from King Magnus' court, 1355.

There has been little written for kids to read about these Norse artifacts.  
Social Scientists, who ignore Holand, state that these 14th century tools were probably carried to America by 19th century immigrants.  

Holand had already written about evidence that made this statement is invalid.  There are a few modern American communities with higher density of modern Scandinavians, which have not yielded 14th century artifacts.  Warsau, Wisconsin is one example.

One of the halberds could not be found in Scandinavia.  How could 19th century immigrants carry a halberd to America, when that Halberd does not exist in Norway museums?
This evidence contributes to the understanding that the Norse were in Wynland of West in the 14th century.  Yet Social Scientists, who do not do their homework, continue to pedal the myth that the poor Scandinavian immigrants, who were lured to America by the railroads, had enough spare luggage room so they could salt the earth of western Minnesota with the best steel tools of the 14th century. 

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