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Monday, March 6, 2017



NOTICE: the oars appear to be out of sync.  But if the crew is rowing up-river, it is best to keep one set of oars in the water at all times.

Normally, the sail would have been lowered onto the brackets.  The fore Bracket is just in front of the man in white.

This is a twenty oar craft.  The front six oar slots are for people, who want to ride along.   They were expected to bring their own oar.  If no oar men used the slots the boat could carry more cargo.

The image of a Christian Traveler is appropriate.  The Catholics, who spoke Norse, standing on the shore knew Genesis and may have known more from the bishops, who had passed through before.

A Jesuit Bishop said to new priests, "You may do nearly anything you want to their land, but do NOT damage the waterways."

The bishop also said, "They will take you where ever you want, but it you pick up a paddle and start to use it, be sure you can paddle until sunset."

Americans had wheels for the toys of the kids.  But they did not use wheels for travel.  When we think about it, wheels and the axels caused a pain in the ass. 

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