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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


About 400 BC Hudson Bay waters would have receded as the rebounding land rose.

About 1,200 BC a catastrophic event destroyed most land civilizations.  The people of the sea were probably devastated also.
The Bronze age ended.  A few centuries later, a few modern land civilizations began to recover.  Genesis of the Bible begins with the convulsions of the earth.  Arab records report the same. 

Egypt appears to have a history that is dated 600 years older than the events that really happened.  When Egypt's history is moved 600 years closer, then the details of Egypt's similar catastrophe appear to be compatible with Genesis.  The "poor people" of the Egyptian saga may have been the Israel slaves dumped overboard after being enslaved by Egyptians and forced to man the ships going to America to mine copper.

The "one god" concept of the Jews, which was unique in Asia Minor, may have been learned in America.  The Lenape Genesis is the oldest in the world.

About 400 BC a crew of a space ship over Hudson Bay would have seen that the waters of Hudson Bay would have receded as the rebounding land rose.  Access to copper via the Mississippi route may have been more contested because of national European/Asia minor rivalry.  Copper ships may have returned to Wynland of West and floated back to Hudson Bay.  

The red line represents the original shoreline.  The shoreline is based on visual observation of Google Earth's land features.  An accurate topographical analysis is left for students wanting to earn their graduate degrees. 

The local American people, who may have survived, may have been using the Minnesota Waterway for local travel.  Transcontinental travel by water may have resumed.  The people of the sea and the people of America may have become accustomed to long voyages to far places.
America has evidence of red haired giants.  The Scots and the Danes of Europe are at the end of the Gulf Stream current.  Some Scots had red hair.  The Danes are the tallest people in the world. The geometric earth works in Danmark were built about 800 years after similar geometric earth works were built along the Ohio River.

The moral principles of the sea people may have prevailed from the Mississippi eastward to the Atlantic coast.  These principles are trade, non-violent resolution of conflicts, respect for women, equality, privacy, and secrecy.  The people of the sea and America may have assumed that all people traveled on long journeys over water.  Boats may have been part of the culture.

But the urgent demand for copper had died away.  Iron is a contaminent of furnaces made to cast copper.  The recovering people of Asia and Europe appear to have used the ancient copper casting furnaces to make iron.  Then steel weapons were made.  

So the warfare culture of the land people appears to have used steel weapons to defeat the land armies clad in copper. Large empires devastated Asia Minor in sequencial order. History was written by the land people.  The scribes were usually located on land behind high stone walls of the prevailing king.

Then shortly after 400 BC, another poorly reported catastrophe caused gaps in the historic records around the world.    Fables of dragons in Far East Asia and snakes America appear to have increased in this era.  Dragons and snakes might have been a way the people on earth would have described the contrails of incoming comets.  The Bible records two incoming comets, or one comet recorded twice, in Ezekiel.

The lights of the world had dimmed again.  The land peoples, who were enmeshed in warfare over agricultural areas, may have cared little about reporting the history of the people of the sea.  

But the people of the sea must have suffered catastrophe too.

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