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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

VIKING WATERWAYS on modern map

In the early Twentieth Century surveyors mapped Minnesota.  The map below is a result of that effort.  An interesting feature of the map is that the surveyors colored the grass land brown and the areas with trees a lighter yellow tan.
VIKING WATERWAY on a modern map.
When the Viking Waterway is over laid on the modern map and when the locations of reports of "Viking" ships seen by early settlers are added, then the locations of the "Viking" ships appear to be in reasonable places.  

All of the locations, where "Viking" ships have been seen, that appear some distance off the Viking Waterway, may have been accessible via water.

There are two stretches where the men in the boats had to pull the boats up-stream, the Buffalo River and the stretch just before Kensington.  Notice on the map that for each stretch the rivers were running through grass lands.  So the men could pull the boats without having to cut down a forest of trees.

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