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Wednesday, November 19, 2014



The image of mooing stone #6 locations shows that it would have been much more secure with fewwe men on watch.   The “X” marks the first location I thought Holand selected.  It too looks like a harbor.  But after careful re-reading Holand, I think the mooring stone was found where the circle is shown. This location would be much easier to secure with a minimum watch squad.

From mooring stone #6 to the location of the KRS stone is one full day in a crew rowed boat going down stream.  The Lenape history implies peaceful relationships with the Ojibwa at this time.  Perhaps the crew was met by friends at Kensington and where able to reorganize.  The 14 days to the ship implies they may have returned to Hudson Bay.  The journey could be made in 14 days with a crew rowed boat in summer time.

Conjecture:  The Copper Trading enterprise may have started with peaceful relationships, so the broader and more accessible harbor may have been used.  There is other evidence, such as the circle in the upper right corner, that the copper trading ships were fighting each other.  Then the more secure “hooked” harbor may have been used.

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