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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Rev.1 Oct. 13 2013, Waterway tour.
Rev 2, August 15, 2014. pageview spike by factor of 41.

Where is the rest of the story?

I hope the rest of the story can be told by a dynamic academic professor in a powerful university department capable of inspiring revolutionary thinking among the Social Science professions.

I stopped my study of this facet of the Lenape Migration when I realized:

EurAmericans really do not want to know.

Nearly all EurAmericans believe the Eurocentric Paradigm to their very core of reasoning.

The Eurocentric Paradigm postulates that the Americas were pristine continents inhabited by only a few stupid natives, who had no religion.

The Doctrine of Discovery and the Manifest Destiny became Eurocentric dogma to justify the actions of EurAmericans, which devastated two continents full of relatively peaceful people.  Many of those American peoples were living by Christ's ethics.

Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Humanity, Linguistics, Native American Studies and Religion are departments in most Social Science divisions of most U. S. universities.  But the Social Sciences in United States universities still teach the Eurocentric Paradigm.

 The Social Science professionals must maintain the Early American History, which is really Euramerican Mythology written by 16th Century European scholars to justify the Doctrine of Discovery.  

One ploy of the Social Scientists is to teach that Columbus was first to reach America.  Any evidence found in America that appears to have European signs before AD 1,500 is rejected, without serious study, because "Columbus was first."

[Rev. 2: Yet further study of the sea routes to America indicates that the Norse were routinely ROWING to America.  The longest length between lands was less than six days, which was an acceptable distance for sea people.]

[Rev. 1: This article pre-dates the 2012 firing of Patricia Sutherland, who published Vikings and Native Americans in the 2012 November issue of National Geographic.  Her firing is more evidence of what the Columbus was first Social Scientists mob will do to maintain the Columbus was first myth.]

No matter the results of many, many investigations that hard science researchers have done, they have not been able to make a clear date, which is carved in stone, become worthy of being written into history books by Social Science professionals.

The Social Science divisions also educate the teachers, who teach American Mythology to K-12 children. 

Thus young adults are well indoctrinated in the American Mythology, which is still based on the Columbus was first.  Those young adults become a growing multitude of ever present "defenders of the faith."

Five percent, or less, of EurAmericans ever learn about the Kensington Rune Stone.  Those who do, find out about the Rune Stone mostly by accident. To those few Americans a clear date, 1362, carved into stone by a Swede, who was located west of the Mississippi cannot possibly be true.

The very thought shatters the belief that Columbus was First!!

Think about the vast PILE of paper that has to be rewritten.
Think about the professional embarrassment of having evidence, carved in stone, visible for over a century and the story is not yet in history books. 

Think about the magnitude of the sins committed by those who believed in the European Paradigm: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, “Sharp Knife” Jackson, and most other presidents and nearly all our ancestors.

Think about immediate questions without reasonable answers, such as “Will the Americans want their land back?”

Think about the inability of EurAmericans today to atone for the sins of their fathers.  How can they?

A clear date, 1362, carved in a stone in Scandinavian script and lying west of the Mississippi cannot be truecan it?

It will not be true as long as the Social Scientists in United States universities continue to advocate that Columbus was First.  

They continue to justify the invaders.  But the 400 year invasion was over, for EurAmericans, in the 20th century.  Then the descendants of the original Americans were finally considered citizens of the United States,  a land  where their ancestors were born for centuries.   

Will Rodgers said: “Be thankful you do not get the government you pay for.”   In this case, we apparently got what people with Eurocentric minds paid for.

Will Rodgers was an American.  "Rodgers" is a common, but powerful American name.  The name derived from "rodda," which meant crucifix in Old Norse.  Crucifix!?  The Americans knew what carrying the Crucifix meant.

The Americans might like a study of past events by scholars, who have an American-centric Paradigms.

I still pray that:

the rest of the story can be told by a dynamic academic professor, and his aggressive band of graduate students, in a powerful university department capable of inspiring revolutionary thinking in the Social Science professions.

But I know, realistically, that a 77 [Rev 2: now 80] year old retired engineer does not have the proverbial snowball’s chance.

So on February 28, 2010, I made the decision to read about other things. 

[Oct, 2013: So much for good intentions.  My Friend Karl Hoenke and I visited western Minnesota in September, 2012.  We were looking for physical evidence of the Viking Waterway in four places.   We found evidence in five museums and all four places where we looked.

We decided to guide a tour of the VIKING WATERWAY evidence in Western Minnesota.  Forty-three passengers on the tour bus heard the plausible history based on the evidence they saw.  The confirmation of the plausible history came when the bus driver and then a passenger recognized evidence that Karl and I had not suspected was there.

A plausible history supported by physical evidence that has been visible for thousands of years will endure longer than a myth that Columbus was first.

But we are back to square one.  How do we find that dynamic professor, who can convince the Social Science profession that what they teach should be supported by evidence that a bus driver and his passengers can see.]

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